Nmap commands

Find hosts/devices on the network

nmap -sP
To find out what devices are on the network you need to know the ip of the router.
Here are some common:

Here is a more complete list, and according to model.
For default usernames and passwords check here.

Scan for open ports

The most simple of commands to check for some standard ports is:


But that does not check all of the possible ports.

nmap -p 1-65535

Or decide what ports you do want to check.

Check what service uses a specific port

Let’s say we find some open ports. But the port is either to high to have a specific service. Or it is on a port that is not usually used for it. For example, a lot of people are moving their ssh to not be port 22 to avoid spam-attacks.

45061/tcp open  unknown

So we just add the -sV flag.

sudo nmap -sV -p 45061

Here is the Nmap-documentation for it.


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