MySQL Commands

This is a list of MySQL Commands that I don’t feel like googeling again.

MySQL-commands are not case sensitive, so you can write it in lowercase if you like. But the commands are usually written in uppercase and and tables, databases, usernames are written in lowercase.

All commands have to end in a semicolon. ;;;;;;;;;;;
Create database

CREATE DATABASE nameofdatabase;

Show database


Delete database

DROP DATABASE nameofdatabase;

Open a database

USE nameofdatabase;

Show tables of a database

SHOW tables;

Create a table
So when you create a table you have to give it at least one column, and that column need to have the data type specified. Here is a list of common data types.

CREATE TABLE nameoftable (nameOfColumn TYPE, nameOfColumn TYPE);

For example:

CREATE TABLE users (username VARCHAR);

Show a list of tables


Show a description of the table

DESCRIPTION nameoftable;

Insert data into table

INSERT INTO `nameoftable` (`name`) VALUES ("Pelle");

Look at the data in the table

SELECT * FROM nameoftable;

Update a field in the table

UPDATE `users` SET `name` = 'Johan' WHERE `users`.`name` ='Pelle';

Add column to a table

ALTER TABLE users ADD email VARCHAR(40);

Remove column from table

ALTER TABLE users DROP email;

Remove row from table
Let's say we want to remove a user from our table

DELETE from users where name=Johan;

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