Fundamental git commands

View changes in a file

To view changes in a file in git you just use the command:

git diff path/to/file.js

It happens that whitespace is showed. Which shows almost everything as changed. To solve this, add the -b flag.

git diff -b path/to/file

Discard changes in an unstaged file

Every now and then Git shows that I have edited a file, but when I run git diff I can see that I have added and removed the same line. I think this happens if I add a line and then remove it. So basically nothing has changed (and I haven’t actually edited the file, just opened it). I think it is better to discard the h2>changes to that the commit does not get cluttered with files that we actually haven’t modified. So in order to discard the changes from git I use the following command:

git checkout -- app/config/rest.js

This is the recommended command from git, and it shows when we run git status.

Create new branch

There are two ways.

#Create a branch
git branch nameOfBranch
#Create a branch and switch to it
git checkout -b nameOfBranch

Remove branch

If the branch is merged you can use the command:

git branch -d myBranch

If it is not merged you have to use:

git branch -D myBranch

Remove remote branch

git push origin --delete the_remote_branch

Switch branch without committing

So if you have made some changes in a branch and then switch branch without committing the changes git will automatically merge those branches. Which might not be what you want. But you might not feel ready to commit the changes.
So how do you switch branch without having to merge the branches and without having to commit the changes?
The answer is: stash.
So, let’s say you have made changes that you haven’t committed or added but want to switch branch. You just use the following command:

//Branch: testBranch
git stash
git checkout master
//Make some changes or whatever you wanted to do
git checkout testBranch
git stash pop

And now you are back and can keep working on your branch.

Check out this for a better understanding of how to use git stash:

Create a new remote branch

So let’s say that you have a master-branch and you want to create a development-branch.

First you create your branch locally

git checkout -b development

Then you push it to your remote repo

git push -u origin development

View commit log

So let’s say you have made some commits. And then you want to see what those commits were. You can’t run

git diff

. So instead you can run

git log -p

This will show you the difference in each commit.


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